Mitchell + Gandhi

Mitchell Gandhi is a specialist investor in ambitious, entrepreneurial UK private businesses.

The branding is understated and elegant, suggesting an air of quiet confidence and established expertise.


In the logotype a plus symbol connects the two surnames in place of an ampersand and represents many aspects of Mitchell + Gandhi's approach: adding value, positioning themselves as partners, scaling businesses, all whilst being meticulous and precise.

Brand development.

Discretion is an integral part of Mitchell + Gandhi's offering, as public knowledge of a company's intention to sell can affect its staff and share value.

Brand principles.

Imagery is desaturated and treated with a transparent full-black overlay, with the plus symbol centrally applied

Imagery style

The understated black and white pallete paired with an elegant typeface gives the impression of established assurance and technical knowledge, whilst also alluding to the company's clandestine nature, without appearing seedy.

Brand principles